Blackstar Artist 10AE Limited Edition 10th Anniversary

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Limited edition 10th anniversary Blackstar Artist 10AE

The Blackstar Artist 10 AE is inspired by the sound and feel of the Artist range of amplifiers. It features 10 watts of single-ended real valve tone, a compact and rugged chassis, built-in reverb and multiple connections. Despite its compact proportions, this amp delivers quality Blackstar tones that are ideal for the studio, practice sessions, or even for small gigs.

Real Valve Power & 2 Channels

The Artist 10 AE features an ECC83 preamp valve feeding a 6L6 power tube for an American-style response and clean sound. The foot switchable drive channel features a built-in drive circuit that is inspired by the HT-Drive pedal and gives this amp a thick overdrive tone that can take you from a dynamic crunch through to a singing, smooth legato sound.

Professional Enhancements

The Artist 10 AE features an Emulated output for silent recording with cabinet emulation, should you wish to plug directly into a mixing desk or recording device without using a microphone. It also includes a 1-button footswitch for channel changes and a series effects loop to use your own effects pedals. Multiple speaker outputs enable the Artist 10 AE to be paired with a variety of extension cabinets, giving this small amplifier the capability to be used for rehearsals and even for small gigs.

Classic Styling

This amp takes the essence of the Artist amplifier range and neatly packs it into a small combo that will look great in your studio or practice room. The Artist 10 AE is the ideal grab and go amplifier, distilling Blackstar's 10 years of experience into a combo that looks as good as it sounds.

Main Features

- Limited edition 10th anniversary amplifier
- 10 watts of single-ended valve power
- Clean channel with additional foot switchable drive channel
- Overdrive circuit inspired by the HT-1 drive pedal
- Specially voiced reverb, speaker emulated output and effects loop
- Celestion 70/80 loudspeaker
- ECC83 preamp valve driving a 6L6 power amp valve
- Retro styling
- 1-button footswitch included

- Type: Valve Combo
- Power: 10 watts
- Speaker: 1 x Celestion 70/80 Loudspeaker
- Valves: ECC83 preamp valve. 6L6 power valve
- Controls: Gain, Tone, Reverb, Master Volume
- Channels: 2 (1 with foot switchable boost)
- Connectivity: ◦Emulated Output (mono, after power amp)
- Series Effects Loop
- Footswitch
- Guitar In
- 3 Speaker Outputs: 1x16 ohm, 1.8 ohm, 2x16ohm
- Footswitch: Supplied 1-button to activate boost/overdrive feature, or use an optional 2-button for Boost / Overdrive and Reverb

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Blackstar Artist 10AE Limited Edition 10th Anniversary
Blackstar Artist 10AE Limited Edition 10th Anniversary
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