L R Baggs Element Active System

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LR Baggs Element Active pickup

The Element under-saddle transducer for steel-string acoustic guitars is flexible, so it makes good contact with the bridge and saddle - thus addressing one of the common problems of bridge saddle pickups. The improved coupling increases sensitivity, providing a more lively and open acoustic guitar sound with a delicate high end. It works with the most common string spacings and saddle widths, including 3/32" and 1/8", for uniform string-to-string balance.

This is an active pickup system so the transducer is coupled to a discrete Class-A preamp/endpin jack with pre-contoured EQ for plug-and-play convenience, and a soundhole-mounted mini volume control that requires no soldering or drilling. A velcro battery bag is also included. 9-volt battery required.

Main Features

- One-size-fits-all common string spacings and saddle widths
- Even string-to-string balance
- Includes easily-accessible, yet unobtrusive soundhole-mounted volume control
- Pre-controlled discrete class A endpin preamp
- Come with Battery Bagg for secure and unobtrusive battery retention

Pro Solo Price £129.00
L R Baggs Element Active System
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