Pedaltrain PT1HC

Our price: £110.00


The Pedaltrain 1 is still relatively compact but big enough for 8 or so Boss sized pedals plus a wah/volume pedal. The hard case offers more protection than Pedaltrain's soft cases while being a lot lighter than a Flight Case (it's worth noting that the Pedaltrain 1 is only available with this hard case, there is no option for a soft case or flight case).

Main Features:

- Board Width: 22 inches
- Board Depth: 12.5 inches
- Case Type: Hard Case
- Board Weight: 1.3kg
- Case Weight: 4kg
- Combined Weight: 5.3kg
- Mounting Bracket for Voodoo Lab Power Supplies included
- Velcro included

Pedal Train pedalboards are one of the most popular pedal boards ont he planet due to the innovative design. With many pedal boards all of the tangle of cables has to be routed around the pedal and can become a complete mess. The Pedal Train is elevated with wide gaps that allow you to run the cabling underneath the pedals.

The sturdy metal construction is well designed with reinforced strips that can withstand an impressive amount of weight without ever buckling, perfect for something you'll be stamping on for years and years to come.

Pro Solo Price £110.00

Pro Solo are Pedaltrain main dealers. If you can't find the board you want give us a call or email.
Pedaltrain PT1HC
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