GLX Super Octave

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GLX Super Octave

These pedals are hideously well made. All metal casing with rubber footpedal cover, hard wearing pots which feel like they'll last forever - it just screams quality at you! Power is available either a 9v Power supply (not supplied, but available in store at around £10) or a 9v PP3 battery (supplied). Battery changes are simple - undo the thumbscrew and the lid springs open, change the battery and tighten the thumbscrew and away we go again!

Main features:

- 72mm wide
- 60mm tall
- 128mm long
- Connections: 1 x Input, 2 x Output (Stereo), 1 x Power supply inlet
- Drive/Direct level Control - used to control the output level of the effect
- Oct/Oct 1 Control - used to control the level of one octave below the original
- Gain/Oct 2 Control - used to control the level of gain in'Drive' mode. also used to control the level of two octave below the original in 'Oct' mode.
- Mode Control - use to control to select either 'Octave' or 'Drive' mode.

Pro Solo Price £45.00
GLX Super Octave
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