StageWorks Non-Slip Pedal Mats SPECIAL!

Our price: £9.99


StageWorks Non-Slip Pedal Mat (pack of 2)

The Stageworks non-slip pedal mats are made of a durable 3 piece material. They have been tested to work on the most challenging surfaces providing firm hold for the pedal and no slippage across the floor.

Easily portable the slip mats can be packed away in your case for ease of travel.

Ideal for Guitar, Bass and Keyboard pedals as you can place both your foot and the pedal onto the mat thus avoiding the forces that would move your pedal across the floor.

Also extremely useful for drum kits and for hi-hat and bass drum pedals where spikes need to be retracted.

You can use the mat to stop lap steel guitars slipping too!

Pro Solo Normal Price £14.99


StageWorks Non-Slip Pedal Mats SPECIAL!
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