28/10/2013 - James Neligan Guitars
James Neligan Guitars
Those of you who get down to the store on a regular basis will have no doubt seen over the last year or so more and more James Neligan acoustic and electro acoustic guitars hung up on our wall. As musicians ourselves we believe that a good guitar is such because of how it plays, how it sounds, the quality of the construction/materials and how the full package feels. We don't believe in badge snobbery - to us if a guitar is good it is regardless of the name on the headstock. We were shown these guitars by one of our most trusted UK distributors and although at that time the name meant nothing to us - being a new brand - we knew they'd be a worthy addition to our stock and that we had to have them to offer to our customers. Since that point we have been constantly amazed at the quality and value for money these guitars offer. They will continue to be in stock at Pro Solo.
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