12/07/2011 - Gift Vouchers & Split Payment Plan
Gift Vouchers & Split Payment Plan
If you are looking for that special gift for a musician friend or relative, but are unsure what to get, you can be certain to get the right thing by getting them a Pro Solo Gift Voucher.

Vouchers can be for any amount you want and take out the guess work - what type of guitar would they want? / what colour would they like out of the 4 available? / what size of amp do they want? / what type of microphone did they say they prefered? etc etc.

Also available is the Pro Solo Split Payment Plan. Typically people take advantage of their own plan when buying a Xmas present, new instrument, PA system etc.

The plan works in three easy stages:

1) Choose your item & pay a deposit - we'll then take your item off display
2) Make regular payments to suit your own budget
3) Once paid in full take your present home

If you require any more information call in to the store, email sales@prosolo.co.uk or call us on 01282 414089.
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